May 15, 2014


a good relation does not depend on how good understanding we have..but it depends on how better we avoid misunderstanding..

yes we are not perfect thats why we need to talk to each other..becoming the middle people and trying to make the situation back to normal is not easy because u need to take care of both people feeling..

yet, im not a girl who is perfect or like an angel but its really hurt myself when i need to control myself in the way im talking in order to take care of both feeling.If u doesnt accept what am i doing please ignore that misunderstanding and smile :) cause it will make someone feel uncomfortable

i know this post may make some sense to some people but it is for everyone too..

im not a girl who post or confess things in social network but just want to share an experience where we should avoid misunderstanding.
sorry for the post


Terima Kasih

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