September 23, 2014


Backbiting – One of the major sins in Islam

Today we’re going to ask you to do
something difficult. Very difficult.
Some might say impossible….
In fact we’re fairly sure 90% of
people reading this won’t be able to
do this. Hopefully we’re wrong. And
Allah knows best.

Backbiting is a MAJOR sin and every
single person reading this message
has probably at some point in their
life backbitten someone, so firstly
let’s quickly address the definition
of backbiting from the greatest
source we have. Our Prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Abu Dharr once asked the Prophet
Muhammad (peace be upon him): O
Messenger of Allah, what is
gheebah? He replied: It is to
mention about your brother that
which he detests. Abu Dharr said: O
Messenger of Allah, what if that
which is mentioned of him should
actually be in him? He replied:
Know that when you mention that
which is in him, you have
committed his gheebah, and when
you mention that which is not in
him, then you have slandered him.
Even listening to backbiting is a sin
Prophet Muhammad (s) once said to
Imam Ali: O Ali! When someone
hears the backbiting of his Muslim
brother committed in his presence,
yet he does not rally to his
assistance despite being capable of
doing so, God shall humiliate him in
the world and in the Hereafter
So now we’ve addressed the
definition let us add a few more
important points.

Did you know backbiting is more of
a sin than adultery. You know why?
When you commit adultery you can
ask Allah for forgiveness and Allah
can forgive you but when you
backbite someone Allah cannot
forgive you unless the person you
spoke ill of forgives you first.
The Prophet once gave counsel to
Abu Dharr, saying: O Abu Dharr!
Beware of backbiting, for backbiting
is graver than adultery. Abu Dharr
(r) said: Why is that so, O
Messenger of Allah? He (s) replied:
That is because when a man
commits adultery and then repents
to God, God accepts his repentance.
However, backbiting is not forgiven
until forgiven by its victim.
So what shall we do? The choice is
actually simple but very difficult.
It’s a real battle of confronting our
ego and pride and showing

We need to start asking people for
forgiveness. We need to approach
people with humility, whether it’s a
phone call, a text message, an email
but ideally should be a direct
communication between you and
the person you want to approach.
Yes it’s difficult but not impossible.
Ask for their forgiveness and when
they forgive you, you’ll feel lighter,
more relieved. If you think this is
beyond you, you’re wrong. You can
do it.

Imagine the alternative? You’re now
standing in front of Allah and your
account is about to begin. You look
to your right and you feel happy
looking at all your good deeds.
Suddenly your good deeds start
vanishing and you’re panicking.
The good deeds are going to all the
people you have backbitten against,
your father, brother, sister, mother,
wife, friend, cousin, work colleague.
So start now, have a plan. Speak to 1
person a week and ask for their
forgiveness. Maybe they will also
ask for your forgiveness. You may
look small in their eyes but you’ll
look BIG in Allah’s

You can do it.

Hadith of the Day Blog
Here is a template message you can
send people asking for their
forgiveness. Feel free to copy and
paste the below into an email, a
SMS, or a whatsapp. We hope this
helps you make that first step

> Asalaam’Alaykum. I recently read a
life changing article on backbiting
on the HOTD website and it really
made me think. I had no idea
backbiting was such a major sin and
is considered more of a sin than
even adultery. It’s also a sin that
Allah will not forgive unless the
person you backbit against forgives
you. Today I would like to ask for
your forgiveness for any gheebah I
may have committed against you. I
want you to know this was never
done maliciously to harm you, it
was more done carelessly and
without regard. Insha’Allah it will
not happen again. Islam teaches us
to be humble and to forgive each
other and I hope you will forgive
me. Jazakhallah Khair and I look
forward to your response. You can
read the article here and please also
forward to friends and family as
reading it has absolutely changed
my life.
islam/ <

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