June 4, 2015

Paling Seksi Paling Best! :)

SILA SEMUA TERASA YA!!please put aside your ego while READING THIS ok??

Asaalamualaikum.. to ALL SEXY GIRLS.. yang SHOW dan TAYANG body serta tet** kat orang lebih-lebih lagi LELAKI.. khas buat KALIAN! well i'm sorry for telling this yeah..

those GUYS maybe wants you now for your sexy body and sexy appearance.. but trust me sexy girls,you are the LAST type of girl they will bring to MEET their mom..

yeah maybe my attitude is the LOWEST than YOURS, but atleast i am doing fine with my AURAH.. and yet im trying my best to REPAIR the bad side of mine..

sorry again because I dunno how to tell to all SEXY GIRLS out there.. I dunno what and which type of ways to TELL al of you to COVER YOUR AURAH PROPERLY.. I dun want ALL OF YOU mad at me infront of HIS hells because not telling you guys to cover your aurah..

please put aside your ego while READING THIS ok?? i think this is the best way to tell ya.. thanks.. bye.. WASSALAM..


Terima Kasih

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