August 27, 2015

War and Fight!

Before you start a war, you bEtter know what you're fighting for.. but remembEr, bE an angel with a shortgun...-Kiumars MK.

sometimes we fight bEcause we mad..

sometimes we fight bEcause justice..

sometimes we fight bEcause we love..

and many more reason of fighting..

RemembEr, whatever reason we fight for, we must get ready to face some situation bEcause of fighting ; hurting and get hurt, make people down or get ashame, and for sure is either win or lose..

2years ago I fight for someone that I love.. I fight so that i don't get hurt anymore.. I fight to make sure there's no people may separate us as 7 years ago.. Alhamdulillah.. even there's many people get hurt, even there's madness occurs, I own my fiancee.. and inshaaAllah we own each other forever..

I'm sorry for those who get hurts.. I'm sorry for those who lose.. and I'm sorry bEcause I win.. I have try my bEst to bE an angel with a shortgun.. but, I'm only human.. I bleed when I fall down.. I crash and I breakdown.. Your words still in my heads, knifes in my heart, and you make me fall apart.. but then, pucas gracias bEcause I win.. XP

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